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2015-Jan-7 - Atlanta Falcons Blown Out

Atlanta Falcons Blown Out

It's 16 3 with with 1:03 in 2nd quarter. After a nice punt return Seattle starts at their 40 and swiftly gains our redzone. With eight seconds left, one coach we know would have gone for the field goal, seeing he held the advantage and knowing he would receive, to start the second half. But Carroll goes for the TD shot and makes it with one second to go. Seattle receives the 2nd half kickoff, goes down and gets a field goal. What started as 16 3 is now 26 3. Falcons will now have to score four times. Seahawks were pumping their fists on the sidelines before we even touched the ball in the second half. Game over.

All respect to Seattle. In the years I've been following a Mike Smith team, I've NEVER seen him do what Carroll accomplished against us today.

And as for you, Arthur Blank, we are not ten yards from a Super Bowl, we are not in the discussion, we are not relevant, and now. I listened to part of MS excuse and part of MR excuse. I will relay Wholesale Basketball Jerseys it to the cage, word for word,

blah blah, BS, and more blah, blah , blah and more BS. Then we got our butts kicked by a superior team that our drafted, out planned, and out coached our team. BR

No QB we get or that has ever lived will do anything behind our O line. The part of trading Ryan that makes sense is getting a slew of draft picks to try and fix the line. I don think TD is capable of it so it Cheap NBA Jerseys would all prolly be a waste but Ryan gets to try things with possibly a real team behind him and maybe AB wakes up to TD being a clown when we have no QB to go with our no lines. Really, this is not easy. We have good information that there will be a number one pick next year that will turn this team around and the SB is all but gauranteed. Trust us and buy a PSL when we get our new 1.2 billion dollar stadium.

Honestly, look at the past record of the SB TD, MS, and DK have masterminded. Okay, bottom line, I making a butt load of money doing something of which I know very little about, wholesale jerseys so whatever.

They also drafted Trufant and an O Lineman, and let McClure play (like he wanted to.)

They also insisted no one dog it though the pre season, and go out there hungry and hitting like a team ready to kill.

They let DK redesign the other 80% of the old playbook (OK, maybe he just can but still and let MR2 run the No Huddle like Manning did. Let Pat Hill install his ZBS for the O Line, you know, the system that gave him success, and therefore, his job

And finally let Nolan redesign the conservative D for when we have leads.

But they never did these things. They convinced themselves of their own superiority and super genius (quoting Wil E. Coyote) intelligence.

And this is the ACME cliff dive crash that we have as a result.

For those (still) thinking MR2 running the No Huddle would make no difference: go look at the play by play of the latest debacle. The only drive that there was more than ONE No Huddle play in it (there was a grand total of two resulted in a TD. The other one that had one in it got us a FG. So, basically, all of our points.

for those STILL thinking it the players, and I really, REALLY hope that that just the Coaches and managers trying to save their jobs at this point me re emphasize:

THREE drives in the ENTIRE game that had 1 or 2 formations in it NO CALLS FROM THE = 10 points, or our ENTIRE SCORING EFFORT FOR THE DAY. The third was the HD fumble I guess that actually can be blamed on the player mean RYAN! It cheap NFL Jerseys was ALL MATT RYAN!

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